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New paper highlights substantial environmental and economic losses that would arise if restrictions on glyphosate use resulted in glyphosate-tolerant crops no longer being grown - Press Release PDF

New report highlights 20 years of economic and environmental benefits from using biotech/GM crops

Global economic benefits of GM crops reach $150 billion (pdf)

Another year of consistent and positive GM crop impacts

GM crop use continues to benefit the environment and farmers

Global economic benefits of GM crops reach almost $100 billion

Crop biotechnology offers significant economic and environmental gains to Ukraine’s agriculture

Global economic and environmental benefits of GM crops continue to rise

Turkey’s biosafety law causing significant economic harm to agri-food chain

Türkiye’nin Biyogüvenlik Yasası tarımsal gıda zincirinde önemli bir ekonomik zarara neden oluyor

Sustainable, profitable and productive agriculture continues to be boosted by the contribution of biotech crops | View Report | View Powerpoint Presentation

Health Claims Regulation to cause significant negative economic impacts | View Report

Biotech crops continue to make important contributions to sustainable farming and to global food affordability | View

Bt maize crops delivering health, wealth and environmental benefits in Europe | View

EU losing out on contributions to sustainable farming from biotech traits | View

Focus on yield - Biotech crops; evidence, outcomes and impacts 1996-2007 | View

GM Crop Economic Environmental Impact | View